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M.L. Hoornik

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  • Persoon-ID I2467  VanderHeide
    Laatst gewijzigd op 31 okt 2019 

    Vader Louis Adrianus Hoornik,   geb. 29 mei 1918, Arnhem(GL) Vindt alle personen met gebeurtenissen op deze locatieovl. 9 jun 2000, Castricum(NH) Vindt alle personen met gebeurtenissen op deze locatie (Leeftijd 82 jaar) 
    Moeder Elisabeth Teves,   geb. 5 aug 1916, Ajer Poetih, Asahan-Sumatra [Indonesië] Vindt alle personen met gebeurtenissen op deze locatieovl. 5 jun 2004 (Leeftijd 87 jaar) 
    Huwelijk J  [1
    Gezins-ID F814  Gezinsblad  |  Familiekaart

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  • Bronnen 
    1. [S4192] Mails met familie, 7 sep 2016, mail by David A. Stumpf (containing a mail of Marja Hoornik to David Stumpf of Jan 2005) (Betrouwbaarheid: 1).
      Marja Hoornik to David Stumpf:
      My grandmother married Teves Jan Teves somewhere around 1915. Teves Jan Teves was already in Sumatra, at a rubber plantation called Ajar Poetih. She married him by proxy, we call this here in Holland `met de handschoen trouwen` (with the glove....). I think you will know what that means.

      My mother, her name was Elisabeth, was born on the 5th of August 1916. They also lived at Java, so my mother told me. And when my mother was about five years old, my grandmother left her husband and returned to Holland with her daughter. After some time she married again here in the Netherlands and had a son and a daughter.

      The man she maried again I remember as my grandfather, although I knew there had been a real grandfather. My mother had contact with hem when she was still very young and she told me that he also got married again. However, when she grew up the contact got lost and she did not know where he was and when he died.

      From all the information I got from you and from Henk Krigee I learned that he died in 1945, although you tell us there are more stories. I am very sorry I cannot help you any further, but all I know about Jan Teves is what I wrote down now. And I knew that he was born in Friesland, in Tietjerksteradeel.

      I would like to tell you something about my grandmother, the first wife of Teves Jan Teves. Her name was Rigtje Lize Timmermans and she was born on the 27th of August 1895. I believe she was also born in Indonesia, the former Nederlands Indie and she spent quite some years there. She also had one brother.

      I do not know very much about the way she got to know Teves Jan Teves, but I have heard that the marriage was sort of arranged. She was 13 years younger than Teves Jan Teves.

      Other mail:
      You asked me about my name; Hoornik is my maiden name, I am not married, and I do not have children. My father died in 2000, and I do not have any brothers or sisters either. So, it is a small family so far. My father had five sisters, but they all died. There was not much contact with the family, and the same goes for the family of my mother. My grandmother died in 1975, and her husband died about eight years before that. My mother had a half-brother and a half-sister. Her brother had two children, a boy (a man now of course) who was about four years older than I am, and a daughter who was born also in 1953 just like me. Her sister had two daughers, one who was born on exact the same day as I was, and another daughter who is about four years younger. We had much contact in our early years, but after the death of my grandmother the contact diminished. I am planning to contact my cousins again.